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This is what happens when I meow at my cat

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“(Hi I'm sorry to bother you but it's rib measurement rounded to a multiple of two= band size, then difference between the rib measurement and your bust measurement is the cup size- 1=A, 2=B, etc. UK and US use different cup systems, so check what they're using- bare necessities's cup conversion chart is good. My measurements are 36 and 27, so I'm a 28H.)”

It’s ok :3 not a bother at all. Yeah but they aren’t that different, I shouldn’t be a B in one place and a J in another. 

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So I am down to a size 18! 

but.. the only reason I know that is because I had to buy new work pants today, cause I ripped the crotch out of mine getting in my car. Also my work belt fell apart at the buckle where you can rotate it since it was double sided. So yep had to spend a bit over $30 on new work stuff.

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this pregnant hairless cat is so fucking done, i can’t handle it.

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So this cutes name is Stellar Eclipse and he’s voiced by Lavasseur Portalence.

Oh so he is eleven, and he designed the pony too. That is really neat, I really like his design. 10/10 good oc. 

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Discord Lamp Salespony


Trivia: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 22 Trade Ya

Disabled Character, Disabled Actor: Stellar Eclipse, the pegasus in a wheelchair, is voiced by Sylvain LeVasseur-Portelance, a young man who is stricken with spinal muscular atrophy

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Also, pony Daruma, so pony Japan is confirmed. 

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katisconfused said: oh cool ponychair

mmhmm, and a more realistic one that actual ponies would use as opposed to the ones we have seen before. I rather like it, what do you think? 

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Is there a fannon name for that top pony? Stellar Eclipse is his name. He is a cutie, I love his color scheme and his steampunk wheel chair thing. 

This episode had some great new background characters. I really like the orangish mare at the far left with the green and white mane, and the red apron thing. 

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When friends won’t believe they’re cute and perfect


when friends insist that you’re cute and perfect


shhhhhhhh you’re cute and perfect deal with it


This one goes out to all my friends <3

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Thank you guys soo soo much!!

blogs featured above are -

askdreambaker! atanax-pony! asksweetcream! and askstarrywoods!

and I’m p sure you all know who that Nerdbra is

Oohhhh g-gosh. >///> thank you for including me in this. 

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